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Designer Colors Collection™ are an extension of the Keystone Kool Deck color line. Made of the same durable formula as Mortex's signature Kool Deck® toppings, the Designer Color Collection provides additional colors and a beautiful nonskid surface at the same low cost of the classic Kool Deck Colors. The colors of the Mortex Designer Color line are inspired by nature. This palette is made up of deeper hues, designed to compliment a natural landscaping environment. Even though this color collection is darker, it will be more comfortable than plain concrete in the heat of the summer months.

Significantly lowers the surface temperature of concrete.
Withstands thermal expansion and contraction better than concrete.
Requires minimal cleaning. Just rinse with water. When necessary, scrub with soap & water to keep the surface looking great.
Proprietary mixture of natural organic substances & synthetic iron oxide pigments.
Environmentally safe.
Unaffected by normal pool chemicals.
NOTE: Designer Colors are warmer to the touch than Kool Deck surfaces.

Click Image For Colors  Available Colors for Designer Colors. Custom colors available on request. Quantity purchase restrictions apply. Call for details.

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Designer Color Collection  -  Technical Data

 Product Detail   Description
Coverage   A properly mixed unit should cover a minimum of 300 ft2 (28 m2).
Contents   One carton contains 6 individual units (bags).
Carton Measurements   16" x 16" x 11" (41 cm x 41 cm x 28 cm)
Weight   Mauve & Terracotta: 47 lbs (21.3 kg).; T5: 38 lbs (17.2 kg)
Shipping Information   UPS, FedEx, Freight Truck, Ocean or Air

 Product SKU   Description
DCM   Designer Color - Mauve
DCT5   Designer Color - T5
DCTC   Designer Color - Terracotta


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