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Systex Deck Paint
Rejuvenate That Deck

Systex Deck Paint is formulated to provide a tough, durable, breathing film for the protection of previously painted, unpainted or textured concrete pool decks and walking surfaces. Systex paint will resist the effects of weather, water, abrasion, and pool chemicals. Available in a variety of flat finish colors, Systex paint coordinates perfectly with other Mortex product colors and enhances the beauty of any walkway, deck or backyard pool area.

Can be applied to a damp surface; in fact, water helps the paint cure. In extremely dry areas, the deck should be misted with cool water prior to painting.
Acrylic polymer is extremely sun fast and resistant to the sun's UV rays.
Acrylic is tough, abrasion resistant and scrubbable.
Rollable. Cleans up with soap and water.
Can apply two coats in one day, only two hours apart.
Does NOT provide cooling properties. When applied to your Kool Deck® surface, the area will become hotter and slicker.

Click Image For Colors  Available Colors for Deck Paint. Custom colors available on request. Quantity purchase restrictions apply. Call for details.

Home and Business owners can purchase this product by contacting:
R1 Supply at 817-581-1344 or

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Systex Deck Paint  -  Technical Data

 Product Detail   Description
Coverage   125 - 150 ft2 per gallon on bare, sandblasted or rough surfaces (3.3 - 4 m2); 250 - 300 ft2 per gallon on recoats (23.23 m2 x 27.87 m2)
Contents   1 gallon units
Carton Measurements  
Weight   Approximate unit weight 12 lbs (5.44 kg) per gallon
Shipping Information   UPS, FedEx, Freight Truck, Ocean, Air

 Product SKU   Description
PXPAA   Systex Deck Paint - Aqua
PXPAN   Systex Deck Paint - Auburn
PXPCY   Systex Deck Paint - Clay
PXPGD   Systex Deck Paint - Gold
PXPGY   Systex Deck Paint - Grey
PXPIY   Systex Deck Paint - Ivory
PXPPH   Systex Deck Paint - Peach
PXPRE   Systex Deck Paint - Rose
PXPRC   Systex Deck Paint - Rustic
PXPTN   Systex Deck Paint - Tan
PXPTE   Systex Deck Paint - Taupe


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