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Systex Deck Paint  -  Technical Data

 Product Detail   Description
Coverage   125 - 150 ft2 per gallon on bare, sandblasted or rough surfaces (3.3 - 4 m2); 250 - 300 ft2 per gallon on recoats (23.23 m2 x 27.87 m2)
Contents   1 gallon units
Carton Measurements  
Weight   Approximate unit weight 12 lbs (5.44 kg) per gallon
Shipping Information   UPS, FedEx, Freight Truck, Ocean, Air

 Product SKU   Description
PXPAA   Systex Deck Paint - Aqua
PXPAN   Systex Deck Paint - Auburn
PXPCY   Systex Deck Paint - Clay
PXPGD   Systex Deck Paint - Gold
PXPGY   Systex Deck Paint - Grey
PXPIY   Systex Deck Paint - Ivory
PXPPH   Systex Deck Paint - Peach
PXPRE   Systex Deck Paint - Rose
PXPRC   Systex Deck Paint - Rustic
PXPTN   Systex Deck Paint - Tan
PXPTE   Systex Deck Paint - Taupe

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