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Exceeding Your Expectations
When your doing your best job, have the quality of Mortex products working for you. Our leadership in service to the swimming pool industry began in 1962 with the introduction of a product that revolutionized the industry. We named it 'Keystone Kool Deck'. Our product has literaly 'changed the face' of swimming pool decks forever. Our loyalty to providing distributors quality product, application tools and education for so many years makes Mortex a brand to trust. Many other manufacturers are quick to imitate the products we've developed, but not duplicate our continued commitment to product innovation, quality and customer service.

Looking for Concrete Answers?
Mortex concrete topping solutions are unparalleled for your clients' concrete decking applications. All of our concrete toppings are tested to assure you of a quality product batch to batch, year to year. Distributors leverage our almost 40 years of concrete products and application experience to work for your clients. For further concrete topping information please see our Topping Discussion.

Want to shape your future?
Mortex cantilever deck forms are the premier disposable forms used today, making deck edges around pools, steps, and cornice mouldings. Mortex was the first to create and pioneer the use of disposable cantilever deck forms. Most styles of our forms have color matching accessories for Control Joint to decoratively finish the edge of your choice. Be choosy! Make sure to carry original Mortex cantilever form products. For further information on Cantilever deck forms please see our Form Discussion.

Why Mortex for Drainage and Crack Control?
Mortex offers the best solution for your concrete drainage and crack control needs. We were the first to perfect multicolored PVC extrusions in this field, and offer a full product line, far superior to competitor offerings. For more information please see our Plastics Discussion.

Many choices are available to the distributor of today. To find out which of our quality products fit your needs, visit our comparison page.

New Products

If you sell a concrete polymer topping, SYSTEX™ is a simple, three step polymer concrete deck system for use on new, or existing pool, patio areas. Finally, a polymer concrete topping good enough to carry the Mortex name.

Glow-Rite Lighting Form System™ offers you options and ease installation not found with other products. Glow-Rite brings the ease of use and security of a spear and anchor attachment to the fiberoptic track, allowing your clients to do their best work. You now have options to offer contractors for building steps, cornice moldings and pools with fiberoptic lighting.

Want to make Mortex products better?
Mortex can help! We have factory trained representatives that will come to your clients and train them on any or all of our concrete toppings and complementing products. Have them visit our training page to get further information about our contractor training program.



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