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The Mortex Difference.
We began our leadership in innovation and service to the swimming pool industry in 1962 with the introduction of a product that revolutionized the industry. We named it 'Keystone Kool Deck'. Our product has literally 'changed the face' of swimming pool decks forever. That was just the beginning of a long history of firsts for us. Many other manufacturers are quick to imitate the products we've developed, but not duplicate our continued commitment to product innovation, quality and customer service. Make sure you specify quality Mortex products for your deck.

How Cool is Kool?

Mortex concrete topping solutions are beautiful, and will make a wonderful addition to your home. However, if temperature is an important factor in your decision making, the above chart should help. With all materials listed above, the hotter or cooler ends of each spectrum are influenced by the darkness or lightness of the actual material color. For further topping information please see our Topping Discussion.

Why Mortex for Drainage and Crack Control?
Mortex offers the best solution for your concrete drainage and crack control needs. We were the first to perfect multicolored PVC extrusions in this field, and offer a full product line, far superior to competitor offerings. For more information please see our Plastics Discussion.

What are Cantilever Forms?
Cantilever deck forms are the disposable forms contractors use to make the positive deck edge around your pool. Mortex was the first to create and pioneer, the now standard, disposable cantilever deck forms. Most styles of forms have color matching accessories for Control Joint to decoratively finish the edge of your choice. Be choosy! Make sure to demand original Mortex cantilever form products. For further information on Cantilever deck forms please see our Form Discussion.

Let us help you make the right choice in picking the right concrete topping for your home.

New Products

SYSTEX is a three step polymer concrete deck system that fills the growing demand for polymer concrete surfaces on new, or existing pool, patio, and other concrete decks.

When you choose our Glow-Rite Lighting Form System, you don't have to compromise lighting of the pool for the cover. You now have options for perimeter lighting when choosing amenities and options for building pools, steps and cornice moldings.

How you can make your deck look new again?
When your new Kool Deck is done, specify your contractor to use Protect-A-Deck to shield the mineral surfaces against the harmful effects of moisture and extreme temperature change.
Or if you have an existing deck, expose the original beauty of concrete decking when you clean with Commercial Cleaner. It is low in cost, simple to use and easy to store.



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