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Since 1962, Mortex™ has created products that have literally shaped the surface of the pool concrete industry.

  • Boldly Innovative

    From our beginning, with inventing Kool Deck® and pioneering both reusable and disposable cantilever forming, to perfecting durable outdoor extrusions for drainage and crack control, creating is what we do!

  • Legendary Quality

    We design it, and we make it. We take that responsibility seriously and therefore know how to produce the best quality product that stands up to the real world.

  • Unmatched Support

    Having the best means nothing if we are not around to help when you need it. Making things right has served both our customers and Mortex well for over fifty years.

Same Day Polymer Overlay Save Time - Wet application Reduced Material & Labor Costs New - Solement™ Hybrid Cement Overlay

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What We Make

We only make the best concrete products, at our own facilities - never outsourced.
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