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Cornice Moulding Forms
Moulding Decorative Walls

Mortex Cornice Moulding Forms are designed for the easiest form application of any disposable wall cap in the industry Use Cornice Moulding Forms to cast various cantilever styles for concrete caps, block walls, glass block walls, and planters.

A Wall Tie Kit provides the attachment pieces to securely fasten the forms together.
Adjustable width of cap is made fast by pre-placed tie holes. Use multiple ties chained together for wider than normal uses.
No working around cumbersome clamps or other mountings.

Click Image For Shapes  Available shapes for our Key-Lock forms include:
French Curve, Keystone, Poly, Commercial, and O-G Edge shapes.

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Wall Tie Kit
Simply Holding it Together

Use our Wall Tie Kit if you need additional attachments for the Cornice Moulding Forms.

Many options for single, dual side applications of varying width wall.
Cost effective - No need for additional cumbersome clamps.
Easy to assemble and work with as there is nothing to reach around while troweling!

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 Cornice Molding - Dimensions
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Available Accessories

Form Accessories

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