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Mortex Sprayers
Get More Done Faster

Mortex Texture Sprayers are the perfect pumping systems for the contractor who is ready to graduate from a hopper gun to a faster, more productive, less fatiguing spray rig. The sprayers includes a specially designed wand for application of Mortex texture materials.

For Kool Deck Elite & Systex Texture
Easy to bring on and off the job site.
Texture Pump delivers smooth material flow for uniform coverage and a consistent pattern.
Lightweight Spray Wand allows material to be kept back at the pump so you're left to manage only the weight of the wand.
Superior Texture Projection pumping system force feeds material through the texture gun and projects texture farther than a traditional hopper gun.
Our exclusive Spray Wand reduces fatigue by keeping material in the pump and not in the wand. Wand also sold separately.
5 gallon and 10 gallon models available.
5 gallon model requires a user supplied air compressor. 10 gallon model includes a built in air compressor

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Ad-Tex Sprayer
The best tool for large applications

Ad-Tex™ is a non-mechanical, low pressure sprayer for applying Keystone Kool Deck, Marquee or Designer Colors.The Ad-Tex Sprayer is NOT to be used with Systex. The Ad-Tex sprayer makes small work out of larger deck applications and gives better uniformity of texture with more control of topping thickness.

Faster than application by Dash Brush.
Easier and less physically demanding.
Easy on upkeep, simply rinse with water.
Better uniformity of texture with more control of topping thickness.
Portable mounting on its own cart.
Ad-Tex tank hold 20 gallons of mixed product.
Requires a 5 hp air compressor.

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Available Accessories

Designer Colors
Keystone Kool Deck
Kool Deck Elite
Viscosity Cup

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