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Spear Pack
Patented Anchoring System

Mortex invented and pioneered the Spear and Button anchoring system, which is far superior to conventional tie wires. This patented button-locking mechanism enable these forms to be set with speed, and then cleanly removed with just a twist of the button.

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Flair, Nose, French Caps
Form Fitting Control Joint Accessories

Bringing our advanced spear & button technology to elegantly completing a Control Joint with our Nose, Flair and French Caps. All caps are firmly held to the form and easily released from the form with a twist of the button. Available in all colors, Mortex Flair, Nose, and French caps complement and extend your chosen color scheme to the edge of your deck.

Nose Caps are for use with our Poly Forms
Flair Caps are for use with our Keystone Forms
French Caps are for use with our French Curve Forms

Click Image For Shapes  Available cap shapes for the following forms:
Keystone, Poly and French Curve

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Form Accessories
Form Accessories

Where some applications call for extend height or other needs, Mortex Add-On, Out Strips and One By Ones are a perfect addition. Uses include: Epoxy-Rock applications, thicker deck edge, or increase deck extension. Also available: Add-On Poly Forms and No-Lip Poly Forms

Note: Items shown in picture, One By Ones, make a form incompatible with Control Joint accessories shown above.
Shipping Information: UPS, FedEx, Freight Truck, Ocean or Air

Click Image For Shapes  Available shapes for our Add-On and Out Strip forms include:
Add-On Poly, No Lip Poly, 13/4" Out Strips, 1" Out Strips, and 1" x 1"s.

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