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Dash Brush
Application with the Right Tool

To achieve the quality surface texture your client is looking for, Mortex's Dash Brush is the perfect tool for small to medium applications of Kool Deck, Kool Deck Elite, Designer Colors or Marquee.

Made with high quality materials to last.
Cleans up easily.
Can also be used with Systex Texture.

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Viscosity Cup
Keep It Consistent!

Mortex's Viscosity Cup helps the contractor determine the correct amount of water for the mixture. To use a Viscosity Cup, tape handle to a yardstick to keep hands and arms out of the mixer. Stop mixer and fill cup full with material. Lift cup out of material and start clock. The Viscosity Cup should drain in 17 seconds for best results on flat surfaces of Kool Deck Elite, Keystone Kool Deck and Designer Colors; 20 seconds for Marquee.

Helpful in adjusting the consistency of material for a proper deck finish.
Cleans up easily.
To be used with Kool Deck Elite, Keystone Kool Deck, Designer Colors or Marquee.

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Pattern Blade & Tools
Finish with the Right Tool

A quality surface texture requires a good pattern to be initially set. Mortex's Pattern Blade™ helps make small work of lightly setting the pattern on the splashed deck. Pattern Blade is designed for use with Kool Deck Elite, Keystone Kool Deck, Designer Colors, or Marquee.

Made with telescoping handle for reaching greater distances.
Can also be used with other quality hand tools available from Mortex.

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