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Intensified Durable Color

Hardtop™ Color Hardener is a coloring agent that adds strength and durability to new concrete slabs. It provides a decorative concrete surface while intensifying the strength and integrity of the surface. After application the surface will hold up more to heavy traffic and freeze/thaw cycles.

Provides a harder surface for high traffic areas.
Surface is more resistant to weathering and freeze/thaw cycles.
Unlimited color variety.
Reduces porosity of surface.

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Intensified Durable Color

Hardtop™ Powdered Release is a coloring agent that is used to highlight concrete surfaces in conjunction with the use of Hardtop Color Hardener and/or stamp pads or texturing devices. Its specially designed formula will prevent stamping pads from sticking to the concrete surface or stamping devices while providing a natural colored, stamped brick, tile, slate, cobblestone, etc. pattern. It can also be used to provide highlights on integral colored concrete.

Prevents stamp pads from sticking to the concrete surface.
Provides highlights to Color Hardeners or Integral colored concrete.
Unlimited color variety.

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