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Ad-Tex Sprayer  -  Technical Data

 Product Detail   Description
Contents   Pre-assembled, complete with: Tank, 30 ft Hose, Nozzle Assembly, Wand Assembly, Choice of 5 mesh Marquee Screen or 10 mesh Kool Deck Screen
Carton Measurements   Pallet measures 36" x 42" x 54" (90 cm x 105 cm x 138 cm)
Weight   170 lbs (47 kg)
Shipping Information   Freight truck, ocean, or air

 Product SKU   Description
KXHOSEXT   30' Hose Extension Assembly
KXADTEX   Ad-Tex Sprayer
KXRTX1250   Mortex Sprayer RTX1250
KXRTX650   Mortex Sprayer RTX650
KXRTXWAND   Mortex Sprayer Wand Only - For RTX Series Sprayers
KXNOZASS   Sprayer Nozzle Assembly
KXSCRE   Sprayer Screen For Kool Deck (10 Mesh)
KXWANDV   Sprayer Wand with Material Adjust Valve

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 Ad-Tex Instructions
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 Ad-Tex Sprayer
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 Mortex Sprayer Brochure
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Available Accessories

Designer Colors
Keystone Kool Deck
Kool Deck Elite
Viscosity Cup

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